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“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation” ― Zig Ziglar

This is one of my favorite quotes because I absolutely believe it is true. When I first started my entrepreneurial journey, I didn’t have a mentor. I had no idea where to find the resources I needed to create a clear path to success. I wish I had reached out and invested in a coach with experience because when you experience the ups and downs of business, you realize just how valuable it is to have experienced guidance.

Understanding how to position a business shortens the curvature – there’s an easier way to achieve your optimal potential. I truly get my joy from helping others, just take a look at the testimonials below. I look forward to working with you!

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About G Patel

G is an experienced entrepreneur and coach for startup businesses, legacy brands seeking innovation, and individual professionals.

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My Hourly Coaching, 30-Day Kickstart, and Three-Month Guidance offerings are designed to help you grow your business or organization in any of the following functional areas I’ve worked in for the past two decades:

Business Development · Leadership Development · Finance · Fundraising · Go-To-Market Strategy · Local Government Relations (Licensing, Permitting, Rezoning) · Trade & Associations Advocacy · Marketing & Communications · Operations · Product Life Cycle · Organizational Design · Sales · Strategic Alliances & Partnerships · Craft Distilling · Domestic Manufacturing · Food & Beverage · Menu Planning & Pricing · Inventory Management · Commercial Lease Negotiations · Security & Risk Management

Working with G

Lewis Sheats

Lewis Sheats Recommends G Patel

I have worked with G for several years in and out of the classroom. With our students, his perspective and time he provides to aide in the development of their entrepreneurial mindsets is priceless. As a fellow entrepreneur, I always enjoy our deep discussions on opportunities and solutions. His work ethic and passion are contagious.

Lewis Sheats

Tara Owens

Tara Owens Recommends G Patel

G is a visionary leader who always has a creative solution to grow business. Through our years working together at Eschelon, he empowered me to lead, expanded my professional network, and equipped me to start my own company.

Tara Owens

Luis P. Cova, MBA

As a former NCSU Alum, now CEO & Founder of LPC Consulting NC, I can certainly endorse G. Patel. He carries a unique blend of vision and compassion throughout his multiple businesses.

I can say this from experience, since I had the pleasure in working in one of his establishments while finishing my MBA-Finance and launching my own personal venture.

G. maintains a thorough and heartfelt approach to business that is rarely seen in business. Attention to detail, developing personal relationships, and an unwavering work ethic are only a few of the traits that separate him from the majority.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I can unequivocally state that G. Patel embodies all that I continually strive for in my own endeavors; humility, honesty, transparency, and communication. These are the hallmarks of only a few people left, and it has been a pleasure to know him from both sides of the spectrum.

Luis P. Cova, MBA

Neha Campbell

Neha Patel Campbell Recommends G Patel

G is passionate about his endeavours and creates many connections along the way. He acknowledges where he is not strong and seeks partnerships to fill gaps and create a stronger outcome. We have known each other for almost 20 years and I have seen him through many chapters and the one thing I can note now is that he is the most empowered on his “why” and the journey and community he will embark each project or moment with.

Neha Campbell

Sougata Mukherjee

Sougata Mukherjee Recommends G Patel

I have known G for more than a decade and the thing that stands out, at least in my mind, is his incessant passion to keep moving forward. Despite the challenges that faced him in the past, G never stopped pushing for more — he never resigned. His entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for the community is admirable.

Sougata Mukherjee

Johnnie Nobling

Johnnie Nobling Recommends G Patel

I’ve worked with G Patel in two separate industries for over 14 years in multiple accounts. I respect him as a restauranteur and a bar owner. In 2016, I asked him to speak at my company’s general sales meeting to my dedicated on-premise sales team so he could give them a perspective of what it’s like from the buyer’s side and how they could tailor their sales pitch to fit the needs of both sides. The team received him very well and it was very impactful on our sales results following the general sales meeting.

Johnnie Nobling

Gary Davis

Gary Davis Recommends G Patel

G Patel is the definition of entrepreneurial, quick to action, willing to take risks in pursuit of his vision, and able to learn from missteps. He has a high standard for his own work and is able to hold others to that standard with understanding and compassion. He has always honored his word with me and I enjoy being around someone with such energy and drive.

Gary Davis

Patty Briguglio

Patty Briguglio Recommends G Patel

G Patel has an amazing story. Moving from India as a child, to putting himself through college and embarking on his career as an entrepreneur is truly the embodiment of the American Dream. I am confident he has inspired many others.

Patty Briguglio

Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller Raleigh WellByShay Recommends G Patel

As a new solopreneur, G opened my eyes to my own potential in business. Embarking on a new venture is daunting, especially in a new industry and marketplace. His guidance transformed my experience from uncertainty to a clear path towards success. G’s knowledge of what it takes to be an entrepreneur is unmatched. He helped me find my own solutions, kept me accountable, and gave me the confidence to truly believe in myself in a new capacity. His program was an invaluable resource to have on my side as I navigated the market.

Shannon Miller

Lessons Learned: G’s Blog

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They say, “Location! Location! Location!” but what does that really mean? Here’s a quick look into how I evaluate a potential restaurant location.

G Patel Joins CityPlat Commercial Real Estate

Gaurav “G” Patel Joins CityPlat Commercial Real Estate

For over a decade, Gaurav “G” Patel has been a leader in Raleigh’s hospitality industry. Utilizing his deep knowledge and experience, G is embarking on a new chapter of his career: commercial real estate. Starting immediately, G will join CityPlat Commercial Real Estate as a Senior Advisor in its new Fayetteville Street location in Downtown Raleigh.

Hope for Hospitality Go Fund Me

Donate to Hope for Hospitality

Beyond weekday meals for hospitality employees, a GoFundMe® online fundraiser has been launched to raise and distribute funds to participating restaurants to use for staff members or other critical needs.


Raleigh Raw retail entrance

Sherif Fouad and Leslie Woods are the plant-fueled entrepreneurs I’ve had the pleasure to work with in many capacities – in fact, Sherif’s inspiration and beginning efforts for Raleigh Raw began to percolate while he was part of our team behind the bar at a few Eschelon concepts, including Zinda.

G Patel Portfolio - Bare Bones
G Patel Portfolio - Dapper Style House

Dapper Style House and Bar was a unique Downtown Raleigh lifestyle concept incorporating fashion-forward menswear, women’s clothing and accessories, and a bar in one stylish boutique setting.

G Patel Portfolio - Basan
G Patel Portfolio - Edwards Mill Bar & Grill
G Patel Portfolio - Cameron Bar and Grill
G Patel Portfolio - The Haymaker
G Patel Portfolio - Raleigh Raw

Your Potential is Unlimited

With my two decades of experience in entrepreneurial pursuits, I’ve learned a lot. Much of it the hard way, too! With my guidance, I will help you cut through the day-to-day clutter to immediately starting moving in a growth direction that you can sustain.

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